Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 30, 2014

Dear family and friends,

This week has been crazy. It's the third time I've trained a new
companion into this area (been here for days!) and we've been running
around trying to do 5,000 things. Plus my companion is straight from
Mexico, making things a little harder this time. I'm exhausted. But
we've had some miracles and we can see that God is helping us. He's
especially helping me survive.

The hard part about being in an area for so long is knowing the ward
so well that you know everyone's problems and you can see exactly what
it's up to people's personal choices. Sometimes agency is so
annoying... We should just force everyone to keep the commandments so
that they can all make it to the celestial kingdom! Oh whoops that
sounds a lot like Satan's plan... But we're working especially hard to
build the members' testimonies so that they can hold the ward together
and not fall off when things get hard. It's hard to see people you
care about so much making wrong decisions and not getting any
blessings. Pray for us!

Keep up the good work back home! Thanks for your support and prayers.


Hermana Hall

Choose Celestial

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