Thursday, February 6, 2014


Dear everyone,

I'm getting transferred to Yonkers which is upstate! So I'll get a
car. Transfers were supposed to be today but we got a crazy storm so
they've been postponed. My new companion is Sister Baker from the MTC
and she is a boss! I'm going to miss sister Dunn a ton but I'm excited
about this too. There is a lady in the Yonkers ward who is a pro-life
activist and she gives out little model fetuses. I'm stoked.

On Sunday we had two baby blessings. Then the first counselor of the
bishopric stood up and said, "These are the newest members of the
ward. Please welcome them by the uplifted hand" What happened to

The people here are funny. They don't run everything the way they
should and sometimes they scare away our investigators by asking why
they're not baptized the first time they meet them, or by doing
missionary work by introducing Kolob and baptisms for the dead, or by
teaching the law of chastity and the word of wisdom to our new
investigators at an 8-year-old baptism, but they have good hearts.

They know that this church is true and they want to share it. I am so
grateful for the oportunidad that I had to serve in this ward with
these great people. I've learned a lot here and I will be sad to

MISSIONARY MYTH: We knock on doors. Nope. Tracting is the least
productive use of time here. We live off of member referrals. So help
your missionaries!

I love you all,

Hermana Hall