Sunday, August 31, 2014

Last Week in Yonkers???

Dear family,

We've had a great week this week. Maribel got confirmed on Sunday and she said that she had this amazing warm feeling that she had never felt before. That's the Holy Ghost girl! We went to visit her for the first time after her confirmation on Tuesday. She came out of the house and accidentally locked herself out. The keys and a pot full of rice on the stove (which was on) were inside! She was freaking out because she was going to burn the house down, and it's not even hers! The landlord wouldn't be home for another hour or two. So we prayed that we would somehow find a way to get in the house and turn off the stove. Maybe God would give me thug lock-picking powers or knock down a window or something, but after a long good effort, we realized there was nothing we could do except wait for the landlord to come back. So we had a lesson outside and then we had to leave. Maribel called us an hour later to tell us that the rice had been cooking for 2 and a half hours with only a little bit of water and the burner on high, but when the landlord came (2 and a half hours later- repeated for dramatic emphasis) it was just BARELY starting to burn! Prayer works y'all. And that rice must've tasted darn good because them angels are good cooks.

So that was our miracle of the week. Our appearance didn't cause a house fire! Yay!

Tonight we get training calls! Only two sister companionships will be normal (not training a new missionary and not called as sister training leader). So that's horrifying. But I'll let you know how it goes next week.
I love you all!

Hermana Hall

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Dear family and friends,

We've had a good week this week! I've officially been assigned as ward
primary pianist, but just for the primary program that's in
November.... Which is when I probably won't be here... So I told
bishop'a wife to pray for a new sister who plays the piano better than
I do (not too hard to find...) But primary programs are my favorite
thing, and watching the rehearsals are even better, so my Sundays
haven't been too dull.

Maribel got baptized on Sunday and it was awesome! We sang "I Like to
Look for Rainbows" from the primary songbook and she stared crying,
which was awesome! Making people cry is my favorite thing to do. But
the real miracle was this: I was happily playing the piano all through
the second and third hours of church. We get out and start prepping
for the baptism (which happens right after church). Maribel's jumpsuit
fits, the programs are printed and folded, and the zone leaders are on
their way. Everything perfect. Then Sister Ramirez comes up to me and
says "Did we fill up the font?" OH SNAP. It only takes 2 hours to fill
up the font. Oh and the baptism is starting in 5 minutes.

Is that whole immersion thing really necessary anyways?

So we sprint to the font to turn it on, and the font is miraculously
filled with water! There can be miracles....! Turns out that Bishop
noticed during Sunday school and turned it on for us. I thanked him
7009 times and he just walked away shaking his head saying "Hermana
Hall". Whoops. But it all turned out great and the baptism actually
happened. Yay!

Also, this week I've been studying a lot about obedience and I found
something really cool. Elder Hales talks about how there are three
kinds of obedience:
1. “natural man’s obedience" we disobediently reject God’s law in
favor of our wisdom or our desires or even popularity. Because this is
widely practiced by so many, this perversion of obedience diminishes
God’s standards in our culture and in our laws
2. "selective obedience,” claiming to love God and honor God while
picking and choosing which of His commandments and teachings--and the
teachings and counsel of His prophets--they will fully follow.
3. Spiritually mature obedience is “the Savior’s obedience.” It is
motivated by true love for Heavenly Father and His Son. When we
willingly obey, as our Savior did, we cherish the words of our
Heavenly Father: “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”

When we love Heavenly Father, that's the only motivation we need to
keep his commandments, even when it's inconvenient or hard for us. If
we truly love God, we'll want to do what he tells us no matter what.

I love you all! Have a fantastic week!

Hermana Hall

P.s. Check out this really fat cat.

Choose Celestial

Maribel's Baptism
Fat Cat!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Just Another Day in Paradise

Dear fam bam,

This week was awesome! There are people falling out of the sky here. We've been super blessed to find a ton of new people to teach, and they're all awesome! So we'll just baptize them all. NBD.

I have little to report this week... But I want you all to know that I love you so keep being awesome.


Hermana Hall

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pioneer Children Sang and They Walked and Walked and Walked....

Dear family and friends,

This week... Well President Morgan was tired of all the car accidents
happening in the mission, so he banned us from driving all day
yesterday and today. So yesterday we walked an hour and a half to the
church and then spent the whole rest of the day walking. Man, after
being in a car for 7 months your body becomes an old grandma body (no
offense grandmas) and I was roasted toasted. But we had a good Dora
the Explorer moment so that was fun.

As for everything else, Maribel is getting baptized this Sunday and
she is awesome! She just wants to get baptized so that she can do what
God wants her to do and be clean from her sins. Too legit to quit. We
also did a zone APF (where all of the zone gets together and street
contacts or tracts) in our area and we found a TON of dope people. We
have so much work to do and not enough time to do it! (or cars...) So
we are staying busy and I'm getting skinny :)

One thing that we've been noticing lately is the importance of the
basic missionary lessons. A lot of our members don't know the basics,
and it makes them falter in their testimonies. Seriously, if you
haven't read the basic lessons from Preach My Gospel, DO IT KNOW!
Right now! Don't even finish reading this email! Okay I guess you can
finish if you want. But seriously study the restoration, the plan of
salvation, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. I promise you lots of good
things :)

Today we are going to the temple! Woot woot! I love you all and I hope
to hear from you soon.


Hermana Hall

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