Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pioneer Children Sang and They Walked and Walked and Walked....

Dear family and friends,

This week... Well President Morgan was tired of all the car accidents
happening in the mission, so he banned us from driving all day
yesterday and today. So yesterday we walked an hour and a half to the
church and then spent the whole rest of the day walking. Man, after
being in a car for 7 months your body becomes an old grandma body (no
offense grandmas) and I was roasted toasted. But we had a good Dora
the Explorer moment so that was fun.

As for everything else, Maribel is getting baptized this Sunday and
she is awesome! She just wants to get baptized so that she can do what
God wants her to do and be clean from her sins. Too legit to quit. We
also did a zone APF (where all of the zone gets together and street
contacts or tracts) in our area and we found a TON of dope people. We
have so much work to do and not enough time to do it! (or cars...) So
we are staying busy and I'm getting skinny :)

One thing that we've been noticing lately is the importance of the
basic missionary lessons. A lot of our members don't know the basics,
and it makes them falter in their testimonies. Seriously, if you
haven't read the basic lessons from Preach My Gospel, DO IT KNOW!
Right now! Don't even finish reading this email! Okay I guess you can
finish if you want. But seriously study the restoration, the plan of
salvation, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. I promise you lots of good
things :)

Today we are going to the temple! Woot woot! I love you all and I hope
to hear from you soon.


Hermana Hall

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