Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lots of Stuff

Dear family and friends,

Hey hey hey. This week has been fun. We've set a new goal of trying to
give out 35 Book of Mormons (books of Mormon, libro de los
mormones...) before the end of the cycle... Which is on Wednesday.
It's a lot harder than it sounds, but it's been really fun to talk to
everyone and share our testimony of the Book of Mormon. There are SO
many people who are followers of Christ, they just need the fullness
of the gospel! Yesterday we talked to this family and the Dad said
"Yeah we read the Bible all the time. My daughter can quote it all
day. Give us Psalms 28." She's like six years old and she spouts off
the entire psalm. I was like "Gurl you can have my job". IMPRESSIVE.

Also, I forgot to tell you about Hurricane Arthur. Our power lines
went down and we had a party in our apartment and watched the
testaments, lit candles and ate ice cream. It was a SICK storm and our
apartment building looked like the ending of a horror movie.

Speaking of... We just watched Saratov Approach as a zone and now I'm
going to be on edge the rest of the day.

I found out that I'll be staying in my area (Yonkers!) for another
cycle! I'll be getting a new companion on Wednesday but I won't find
out who until tonight or Saturday, depending on if I get a greenie or

Love you!

Hermana Hall

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