Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Staying in Yonkers!

Dear family and friends,

Transfers are today! I'm staying in Yonkers! That will give me 7 and a half months here and 4 companions! So weird. But awesome because I love all of the crazy people here and we still haven't baptized the whole city so I guess I'll have to stay til that happens.

My new companion is Sister Ramirez from Mexico. So... That's scary. But maybe one day I'll have good Spanish so this is good. I'm super excited.

Cool story bro: so last night we were one Book of Mormon away from meeting our goal. It's 9:15 and we're eating dinner at a members house. We're shoveling food into our mouths so that we can get home on time BUT WE STILL HAVE ONE MORE BOOK OF MORMON TO GIVE AWAY. The clock is ticking... 5 seconds left on the clock... As we're walking out the door my companion asks the member to give the Book of Mormon to someone. "Espérate" and she walks out of the room and grabs this random girl who was in her house and says "Ella quiere aprender" BAM. We have an appointment with her on Thursday. God helps us meet our goals and then some.

Here's a cute picture of our zone. I know you don't know any of them and you really don't care but I think it's cute so I'm sending it to you.

Have a great week! Share your testimony with someone, okay?

Hermana Hall

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