Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Miracles

Dear family,

I love Christmas time! The church has released a new video called "He is the Gift" and we are BLOWING IT UP. We've been stopping people on the street and showing it to them and challenging all of our members to #sharethegift with their friends. It is SO AWESOME. If you haven't seen the video yet go to Please share it on facebook with the hashtag #sharethegift.

We had an awesome week this week. We've been trying to combine two areas (hence the trio) and it's been insane! We taught 12 lessons yesterday! We had some help from one of the members who's home on medical release from her mission. She came out with us all night last night so we could split and teach all of our double-booked appointments. It's been crazy but awesome.

This weekend we held a member MTC to help members learn how to be more comfortable with sharing the gospel and it was AWESOME!  President Morgan came and the bishop said it was the best ward activity of the year. We practiced inviting our friends to church activities, fellowshipping new people at church, using facebook to share the gospel #sharethegift, and we had an awesome doctrinal training about why we share the gospel. Success.

Last night we got to one of our appointments 20 minutes early, so we decided to knock the building we were in. We met a few "no's" and then the next door we approached "¡Hola! Somos las misioneras de la iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de Los Últimos Días..." The lady got a super excited look on her face and asked "¿Los Mormones?" "¡Si!" She said that she had been waiting for us. What? She had a dream that God lifted her up and dropped her on the mormon church. She knew that that was the church she needed to go to and she has been looking and looking and we found her! She's coming to church this week! So awesome. (How many times have I said "awesome" in this email?)

Yesterday was freezing cold. We were out in the rain/sleet/hail contacting for 2 hours non-stop. But I got to thinking about it and I realized how lucky I am. It may be insane, but I love freezing my butt off teaching the gospel to people. It's so... AWESOME.

I love you all! Remember to #sharethegift!

Hermana Hall

Choose Celestial

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