Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Almost Christmas!!

Dear family,

Okay, how many of you still have not seen the video "He is the Gift"? If you haven't, repent right now and go watch it on YouTube or here at

Now, for all of you who have seen the video, what have you done because of it? When L. Tom Perry came to visit on mission tour, he and President and Sister Morgan were sitting around the table and had an awesome spiritual conversation. At the end of the conversation L. Tom Perry pounded his fists on the table and said "After this conversation we can never be the same again! After feeling the Spirit like this, we cannot go back to being the people we were before!" That's exactly the point of the "He is the Gift" initiative- to change people! To help them change their lives. If you don't change after watching it and make some real goals to come closer to Christ, the whole initiative is a failure.

I love you all! Hope you have a Happy Happy Holiday season!

Hermana Hall

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