Thursday, June 5, 2014

I Love My Mission

Dear family and friends,

This week was a great week! We had mission conference on Friday and it
was amazing. Elder Snow from the seventy came to talk to us. He said
that he LOVED our mission and talked a lot about faith, the focus of
our mission for the last couple of months. He talked about the spirit
and how it will sanctify us and that with the spirit, we can do
anything. We just have to have faith that God with help us to reach
our goals and be obedient and faithful so that the Spirit can guide
us. It was a great reboot for us as missionaries and helped us all get
the personal revelation that we needed.

Then on Saturday and Sunday we had Stake Conference. Our stake
president was being released, one of the reasons for Elder Snow's
visit in the New York area. It was an amazing conference. We talked
about hastening the work and then in the morning we talked about the
Lord's vision for Zion. The new stake president, President Jeffereys
talked about how he church is not a country club for saints, it's a
hospital for sinners. We should all be physicians in that hospital,
and be the healing hands to help those who are spiritually sick. It
was an amazing conference and amazing to see the mantle pass from
President Taylor to President Jeffereys.

Funny story: on the way home from stake conference (which ended at
930pm) we were late getting to the station so we missed our train. So
we waited for the next one and hopped on, only to find out that we
were on the wrong train SO we hopped off at the next stop and sprinted
all the way back to the station that we had just come from, only to
watch our train pull out from the station right as we got there. So
then we just had to wait for the next train, which would be arriving
in an hour, at 10:50. Did I mention that we were stuck in Kingsbridge
in the Bronx? The sketchiest place ever? But we made it home by 11:30
so it was aight. And we were all alive. Winning!

Training calls come tonight and transfer calls come on Saturday. So
we'll see what happens!

I love my mission. Even though I still struggle with feeling
inadequate and not being he perfect missionary, I'm really trying. I
make mistakes every single day and I can see myself failing at times,
whether it be with helping the people, helping my companion, or being
completely obedient, but I can also see Heavenly Father changing me
into the person and the missionary that I want to be. The Spirit
really can change people, and it sanctifies us. I've seen it time and
time again. We just have to be living worthy of it and willing to let
God change us into the people that He knows we can become.

I love you all!

Hermana Hall

Choose Celestial

P.s. Pictures of us being stuck in the Bronx and of us with Elvis
walking to our member-with lesson in the rain

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