Wednesday, May 28, 2014

First Skype Lesson

Dear fam bam,

This week was kind of an uninteresting one. Sister Hansen was sick for
a good part of the weekend so we didn't get to go do too much. But I
now have Mountain of The Lord memorized and found myself some good
seminary videos from the 80s. #yayforipads

One interesting thing we did do was teach our first skype lesson! Katy
is the niece of our ward mission leader and she was here for a couple
of months. We started teaching her when she was here but then she
moved back to Ecuador. Boo. But we kept in touch through Facebook and
during one of our Facebook lessons she asked "Which church is true?"
and "How can I know that it's true?" Only the most golden questions in
the whole history of missionary work. So skyped with her and taught her the
Restoration and she's praying and reading the Book of Mormon this
week! Sooooo sick dude.

Other than that, the weather here is starting to hit summer. It's not
too bad, but growing up in Vegas I'm used to it. My companion however
is already melting and thinks she is going to die. We're going to the
city today to see the 911 memorial and Brooklyn Bridge
#groundsofbrooklyn #jellyalexwilson so we'll see if she survives the
city heat.

Also, this week I've been studying a lot about the doctrine of Christ:
faith, repentance, baptism, Holy Ghost, enduring to the end. A lot of
us think it's pretty basic, but it's SO not. It's simple, but it has a
lot of profoundity. You all should study it this week and I'll let you
know what I find next Wednesday :)

Love you all! Thanks for your support and your prayers!

Hermana Hall

P.S. Elder Snow from the seventy is coming for mission conference on
Friday! President Morgan said "when a seventy comes to a mission, the
mission president freaks out. Guess what? I'm a mission president."

P.P.S. This is bishop's son, and I don't care how cute your baby is,
this one is cuter. It's like Satan tempting all of the sisters here...

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