Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New York at last!!

Dear Everyone,

So... I'm here in my first area... which is Olmstead. Where's Olmstead? The Bronx. Sweet, right? Straight up in the hood. K lo K

My companion's name is Sister Dalley and she is awesome. She went to beauty school and is SUCH a Barbie. But in a good, cute way. And she loves to shop and buy lots of new clothes. But my mission president said that he thinks the world of her so I'm stoked to be trained by her. Also, the mission president said that the newbies have to teach 75% of each lesson and I think we have one tonight... oh snap.

But everything is great here. The fall colors are SO pretty and the weather is AWESOME! And by awesome I mean crispy cold. I forgot how much I missed that. Tonight we'll finish moving in and everything and we get our new mini ipads tomorrow! Hooray!

My mission president and his wife are amazing. President Morgan is SUCH an example of Christ. Last night we had a testimony meeting with all of the new missionaries. It was incredible. After a whole day of worrying about whether my in-field experience will compare with the awesomeness of the MTC and my district and teachers there, hearing President Morgan bear his testimony was just what I needed. I seriously felt like Christ Himself is my mission president. So now I'm putting all my confidence into the future and am planning on being the best missionary I can possibly be!


Hermana Hall

P.S. What language is that Dominican speaking?

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