Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Dear family and friends,

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! We're eating at a member's house, so we
probably won't get any turkey, but hey, it's a miracle already that
someone even invited us here in Olmstead so I'm pretty happy about

Yesterday we had a zone APF (area proselyting focus (don't worry I
just learned that too)). We set up a turkey and asked people to write
what they're grateful for on feathers and stick them on the turkey.
Then we could incorporate gospel topics and hand out free things and
get referrals. My favorite was when this crazy Republican guy stood
there and told us that 1. He loves Romney and voted for him 2. He read
the Mormon "bible" (Book of Mormon) and said that it didn't coincide
with the Bible at all 3. We don't believe in regular Jesus, we believe
in the Jesus from Montana. It was fun talking to him though and we
gave him a card, so maybe he'll read the truth about us sometime. I
also talked to a Hindu guy who demanded to know when Christ was
coming. I explained that we don't know because we have to have faith
and repent daily, etc. which he then started condemning the world for
their sins. So I really liked him. Lots of interesting people in the
Bronx. Most of them too busy and ungrateful, but ya know. Baptism will
fix that.

Our area is notorious for being difficult. We get juked a lot and
there are only a few really want to help out the missionaries or come
to church, but we're working on it. One guy did bring a lady to church
though, and she said she would bring her husband next Sunday, so cross
your fingers! We're also having a ward activity, a mini MTC
experience, to "train" members on how they can be more effective
member missionaries, so I'm super pumped for that.

Oh and Facebook. Comment on the missionary posts because our
investigators and in-actives can see them and learn from your insight!

Keep being member missionaries and remember to reach out to someone
before Christmas!

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