Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Las marmotas son inteligentes

Dear friends and family,

Oh my. This has been a crazy week. Sister Dodson went home on Wednesday (may she rest in peace) but transfers weren't until Friday, so I got to go on a split with the English sisters in the zone until then. I had a real American dinner! Yay! And the crazy thing about English splits is that you have to teach the whole lesson all by yourself in Spanish... Let's just say I was exhausted by the end of that day, but it was fun :) Then on Friday I got my new companion Sister Ponce from Logan, Utah. She's legit and all 3 of her previous companions have served with me so she says that she already feels like she knows me from all of the stories they've told her. Uhh... good thing or bad thing?

The rest of the week has gone by pretty smoothly. We continue to find more and more people and we just can't fit them all into our schedule! Every time one of the elders says "Hey we found a woman who is interested! She wants you to go visit her!" We say "Hooray!" but then we look at our schedule and think "uhh... Hermione, can we borrow your time turner?" It's crazy but it's awesome being so busy all of thetime.

I love you all. Keep up the good work and share the gospel with someone this week!
Hermana Hall

P.S. Here's a selfie of us from when we waited for 20 minutes in the living room while our investigator talked on the phone in the back room. #developingpatience.

P.P.S. The marmota was right and we are still freezing cold here. Rub it in Utah..

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