Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Páginas en blanco

Dear family and friends,

K lo k. This week we had a giant meeting with two general authorities about using digital media. They announced that we would be taking a break from facebook to refresh and restart. They talked a lot about repentance and how it's a happy thing! When we mess up, God gives us the chance to change and fix what we did wrong. We should be excited every time we get to repent! When a little baby is learning how to walk, the first time they fall we don't say "Wow. You're such a loser." We get excited and help them get back up! And when they fall again we keep helping them until they can walk like a pro. And that's what God does with us! So we will be refreshing and restarting, including a new online training module for missionaries who are returning home soon, but that won't come out for awhile... Looks like I'll just have to stay an awkward turtle when I get home.

Yesterday it rained a ton and we came home soaking wet. We had a lesson with one of our members which really made me think. She talked about how some commandments aren't important and how they just don't matter. I felt in that moment the love that God had for her. She just doesn't understand how many blessings that she is missing out on by thinking that her rationalizations and opinions are right and that God is wrong. They're keeping her from all of the blessings that God wants to give her. President Ucthdorf taught that a lot of times we imagine God locking up all of the blessings in the clouds of heaven, refusing to give them to us until we comply with his strict commands. But that's not how it works! We can use the analogy of us standing in the rain with an umbrella. God is consistently and constantly pouring out blessings upon us (the rain is the blessings) but we stop ourselves, pause for emphasis: WE stop OURSELVES from receiving the blessings through our pride, stubbornness, and disobedience- the umbrella. We are the ones who put up the umbrella, and all we have to do is take it down to receive all of the blessings that God is constantly pouring down on us. I hope everyone understands that as soon as we put away our selfishness and make the will of God our own, we can be truly happy. It's hard to kick against the pricks.

I love you all :) keep up the good work and do some repenting this week.

Hermana Hall.

P.S. This week we're going to Central Park Zoo #madagascar #alexthelion. Then next week we're going to see Wicked on Broadway and then the next week is The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island then a temple trip with President Morgan the next. I love this city!

Hermana Hall at Central Park Zoo

Hermana Hall and Hermana Pounce

Hermana Hall and Hermana Pounce

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