Wednesday, March 25, 2015

One More Week!

Dear family and friends,

What an awesome week! You all remember Guarina, our recent convert who
was baptized about two months ago? Her husband committed to be
baptized in April! He is so awesome and he really pays attention to
the Spirit when it speaks to him. So we're super excited about that!

We've been really trying to focus on member work lately because it's
so hard to see them frequently because of our enormous teaching pool
(not complaining). It's been awesome to have the members' testimonies
build ours as we teach them. I had to say goodbye to a few and that
was not fun :( We've also restarted our free English classes! We
advertised hardcore last week and 12 new people came tonight! It's
awesome because we share a spiritual thought at the end of each class
and it gets a lot of people introduced to the chapel, the
missionaries, and our beliefs.

I had my exit interview with President Morgan on Monday. It was so
awesome! It feels really good just to know that, looking back on my
mission, I really did try my best. I was never perfect, and I'm still
not, but I tried my best the whole time and I feel good about the fact
that it's coming to an end. I feel like it's been wrapped up
perfectly. Today we are going to the temple with President Morgan and
I'm super excited :) I'll send y'all a video next week.

Love you! Be a member missionary and choose celestial!

Hermana Hall

1. Homemade Utah dinner brought to you by yours truly and my lovely companion
2. We finally found an authentic Mexican tienda in the middle of the
Dominican Republic! Aka my area
3. Goodbye to some of my favorite families

Here are some pictures of my visit to the Statue of Liberty:


  1. Shelby - Hermana Hall - You are SO cute and it has fun to read anout some of your adventures on your mission! Enjoy your last week!!! :-) You are doing such wonderful things! Janalee (Bevans) Laws

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