Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Dear family and friends,

What an awesome week! (Do I say that every week?)

Yesterday we were teaching our investigator about the Book of Mormon. As we explained where it came from, she stopped us and said, "I'm really sorry to interrupt, but I have to tell you this". She then told us about how her whole life she had wondered why Jesus hadn't visited any one else besides the Jews. When she had asked people if he had visited the people in the Americas their answer was "No. The Americas hadn't been discovered yet" But she had never been satisfied with that answer and she knew in her heart that Jesus had to have visited other people. She was SO excited to find out that Jesus visited the Americas, and when we showed her the picture in the front of the Book of Mormon of Jesus teaching the Nephites, she was so excited to read the story. I'be never seen someone connect to the Book of Mormon in that way. It was so cool!

Funny moment of the week: I've been really healthy lately (outside of the piles of rice and platanos from members) but doughnuts are my weakness. So the elders gave us 2 doughnuts the other day and Sister Dodson said she didn't want hers, so clearly it was mine. Then halfway through I wondered if she had changed her mind and actually wanted the last half, so I asked her and she said yes. I should've seen this coming... But she grabbed it and ran as fast as she could to the bathroom (the nearest trash can) to throw it away to save me from those empty calories. I don't believe in wasting deliciousness, so I sprinted after her and grabbed her backpack, threw her to the ground, snatched the doughnut out of her hand and ate it as fast as I could while she laid helpless on the floor. It was like a primeval human survival instinct. We sat on the ground laughing so hard we were crying/coughing because I was simultaneously shoving doughnut into my mouth. Once again I tackle my companion to the ground for a noble cause and rise victoriously.

Speaking of sweets... Sister Dodson and I have been trying to get more motivated to talk to people on trains and buses (it's really scary). So we decided that every time we talk to someone we get to eat half of a cookie, which is normally strictly banned according to the two months to twig-skinny rules. Now when we get on buses I imagine people's heads turning into big giant cookies and so I automatically have to go talk to them. Haha not really but it's been a really fun way to keep track of how many people we talk to and to be rewarded by something fun at the end of the day.

Also, our investigator Milagros is going to try to quit smoking! This is the first time I've taught someone who's trying to quit something, so I'm really excited about that.

I love you all! Keep up the good work back home!

Hermana Hall

P.s. We're going to the Museum of Modern Art today :) #shoutouttodan

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