Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Inwood in the Hood

Dear family,

This week has been awesome. I got to go on a split with Sister Baker since she is my STL now! It was really weird but fun being with an old companion again. We did church tours of the chapel (see pictures). We also had a fun experience street contacting. We started talking to this lady at the bus stop, and she was really nice and Catholic. Then out of nowhere this eavesdropping 7th Day Adventist came over and started telling us that we worship Joseph Smith in place of Jesus and all this false stuff, then a Pentacostal lady came over and gave us all mini Bibles and then this crazy guy was driving by and he pulled over and started screaming at us "Mormons deceive the people! Bleepity bleepity bleeping Mormons bleep Satan bleeping bleep!" *censored for the children* all in Spanish. He pulled over and parked the car, and got out just so he could yell at us. So we had a great discussion with every Christian religion ever and ended up bearing our testimonies of the restoration and giving out two Book of Mormons and two pamphlets, so it was worth it.

We're going to the temple today! Our area is still kicking it. All of our investigators are at the beginning stages, so most of them are just praying about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith to find out if it's true. Ylaura has a Bap date for October 11th and she is so sick! She referred herself to the missionaries and wanted to be baptized right away, and she happens to live in our area. Is God real? We taught her the word of wisdom this week and at the end she asked "Is there ANYTHING else I shouldn't be eating or drinking?" So cute! And so prepared!

I love you all. For all of you in Rainbow Crest... Ugh. Taylor Ranch Ward, I heard you had an amazing missionary activity. That is so awesome. Whenever we do things like that, we provide God with an opportunity to place the prepared people in our paths. Keep up the good work!

Hermana  Hall

P.S.  We went to FAO Schwartz and found some hidden treasures. And a lady just told us to take off our name tags because we look like tourists and people will take advantage of us. #whoops

Choose Celestial

Hermana Baker and Hermana Hall

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