Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Soda Kills Living Organisms!!

Dear friends and family,

We had a really good week!

Funny moment: We've been getting feed SO MUCH lately, and despite our efforts of waking up an hour early to go to the gym, our bodies are being destroyed by Hispanic food, but mostly soda. So we made a goal to tell everyone that our New Years resolution is to not drink soda or juice, only water. So our investigator says "Can I get you something to drink?" "¡Agua por favor!" "Okay" she says, but then comes back with two GIANT glasses of red soda. Ugh. So we start drinking and my heart is slowing down and my body is like "Are you trying to kill me?" Then all of a sudden there is a knock at the door and our investigator goes to answer it, and Sister Dodson jumps up and grabs my glass of soda and pours it into a potted plant that was in her living room. Whoa she got brave. But then the soda starts fizzing out of the pot and exploding everywhere! And our investigator was starting to come back! One of the most horrifying moments of my life. But Sister Dodson got it under control and our investigator didn't even notice. We came back 2 days later and the plant, which was perfectly alive and healthy before, is now turning read and dying. Moral of the story: soda kills living organisms.

We've had some really cool lessons with the Book of Mormon lately. We've been doing an activity where we have our people write down a "question of their soul" something they really want to know from God, then they ask God specifically in their prayer, and then we find an answer in the Book of Mormon. We've had some REALLY awesome lessons lately. We even had one of our investigators, who is sincerely looking for the truth, receive an answer that she should go to a different church. So we told her that if God told her to go to that church that she'd better go. Never done that before... But if God wants her to go there there is a reason and we know that she is being prepared to find the truth. It's true that the Book of Mormon can answer any question that we have if we pray and ask God for guidance.

I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week! Share the gospel with someone :) and everyone!

Hermana Hall

P.S. Did any of you ever watch "Between the Lions" on PBS?

Hermanas Hall and Dodson

Between the Lions


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