Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Dear family and friends,

Okay so this week was amazing!

1. We had comp inventory. The picture below shows how it went.

Okay just kidding Sister Baker had to almost get her appendix out but
then it turned out not to be that... I tried not to be excited but the
hospital is one of my favorite places ever. I did control myself and
didn't steal any medical supplies this time... So we were quarantined
most of the week. I've now officially seen every church movie known to
man. #siquasisiquatote

2. Investigators are popping out of nowhere! One of them is married to
a member and he prayed and knows the church is true because he had a
Hispanic tribe of Manasseh dream and he is SUPER excited for baptism.
He's from the Bronx and Georgia so imagine him saying "OOHH YEAH"
We're also teaching these two little boys, Kelvin and Andrew, who want
to get baptized. They're 9 and 11 and they love coming to church and
meeting with us. They say the best prayers I've ever heard. Last night
we invited the mom to come sit in on our lesson and at the end she
started crying and told us that her kids are being such great examples
to her and shows she needs this in her life too. #ejemplos4dayz Also,
we have another 9-year-old baptism from the Vasquez family. They were
super inactive when we got here but now they haven't missed a Sunday
in a month and pay for 2 taxis to get their family all the way to
church! But they love it and the husband is going to get baptized too!
#milagrospasen They're all so adorable and I love them to death!

3. I think my Spanish is getting worse?

4. Sorry about the Facebook event, because of our emergency trip to
the hospital we're postponing it til this weekend. We invite you all
to participate! Sunday March 30 8pm EST

I love you all! Thanks for your prayers and support!

Hermana Hall

Choose Celestial

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