Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lessons Learned!!

Dear everyone,

This week we learned that if you don't lock the church door a homeless
man will walk in and permanently destroy the church couch with fecal
odor and then he'll disappear and we'll have to call the elders to
come find him lighting a cigarette in the bathroom and then you'll
have to bleach the entire church building and possibly burn it in
order to rid ourselves of the horrific smell of death.

Also, we almost got killed by a giant pit bull (hunger games status).

Also, we tried to scare the elders in the parking lot after they got
home and Sister Baker may or may not have grabbed a completely random
stranger and made him say a nasty word... But then we laughed like we
were best friends so that was good. #newcontactingapproach

But I'm staying in Yonkers with Sis Baker and Sisters Card and
Livingston so that's pretty fly. Naw mean?

Love y'all,

P.s. Thanks for participating in our Facebook event it was SO AWESOME!
Can't wait to do it again this Sunday!

Choose Celestial

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