Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dear everyone,

This past week at the CCM has been amazing!

1. MOST IMPORTANT: FRUIT. Has anyone eaten guava fruit and not told me about it? Because I'm pretty sure there's a scripture somewhere that condemns hiding the light from those in darkness. Unless it's the casting pearls before swine thing, in that case, nevermind. But I eat at least 3 every meal, yesterday at lunch alone I ate 9. WHOOPS. There are also these apple pear things that have the texture of water chestnuts. We call them panzanas, you know peras y manzanas, and they are delightful.

2. A lot of people have asked about my schedule so here it is:

6:30 Wake up
745 Breakfast
825 Gym time in which Hermana Card kicks my butt because she is a BEAST when it comes to working out. We also have way sweet facilities like a weight room, full court gym, track, volleyball courts, and cardio room
945 Study
1245 Lunch
130 Study
615 Dinner
700 Study
900 Plan

Study time consists of being taught by our FABULOUS teachers Hermano Hardy, Hermano Salvador and Hermana Young, of studying on our own in the computer lab or in the classroom.

Hermano Hardy had personal interviews with all of us this week. Holy cow is that guy close to the Spirit. He quoted stuff straight from my patriarchal blessing. He told me that I was to preach the gospel with boldness because that was the kind of missionary that I was meant to be. So if I end up being thrown in prison or stuck in a pit of lions or stoned SORRY ABOUT IT. But not.

Also, we have devotional every Sunday and Tuesday night. The last one included Presidente Tenorio reccounting stories that started with ``the first time I was mugged, the first time I was kidnapped...`` Welcome to Mexico City.

3. Also, this past week I had an experience that rivals Aunt Suzanne's story about falling off the railing at the MTC. Except this one didn't include flirting with the Elders.

It was raining outside, a light downpour, and our district was scheduled to be in the computer lab. As many of you know, my love for rain is almost comparable to my love for guava fruit. #maddawgclypuppy #raindancepower So I ran across the cobblestone square to the computer lab as the raindrops hit me as I ran. Unfortunately, I did not realize that the floor at the entrance was a slick tile. There was no time for an attempt to slow my pace, so unfortunately when my foot first hit the tile, there was no traction to save me. My foot flew into the air, taking the leg with it, causing me to land flat on my back. It was the PERFECT cartoon banana peel slip. BUT let's not forget that I am a sister missionary, and therefore am required to wear a skirt at all times. ADDITIONALLY, the entrance to the computer lab opens to two doors which each open to its own respective computer lab. AND it didn't help that our district was late, meaning that the rest of the missionaries of the CCM were on time. So putting these facts together, I'm sure you can picture the scene: a sister missionary lying on the ground in a lake of water, skirt above the head, gasping for breath as she laughs uncontrollably while two packed computer labs full of both elders and hermanas stare in disbelief. Let's just say that some poor elders were scarred for life that day. At least everyone got to see me bear my testimony... WHOOPS

4. Another part of our schedule during study time includes teaching investigators, who are really just our teachers. We had a really good lesson with Lugo on Monday. He was really interested and wanted to read a Book of Mormon. Hermana Card got so excited that she gave him the book, stood up and exclaimed ``OKAY GREAT! THAT'S FANTASTIC!!!! WE'LL SEE YOU NEXT TIME!!!`` and started skipping to the door. I grabbed her arm and pulled her back to her seat while saying ``Lugo, would you mind if we say a closing prayer?`` Haha at least she's just as enthusiastic about being a missionary as I am. But hopefully she remembers to say the closing prayer.

5. Spiritual thought of the week: So... a lot of people think that the MTC is a magical place where you walk through the doors and you receive a welcome packet which includes a wrapped gift of tongues with a bow on it. Then you are automatically able to speak your assigned language because you're a magical missionary. Just want to clarify: NOT TRUE!! It takes hard work and effort on your part, but then the Lord pushes your ability farther than you could have ever imagined.
THEREFORE, I have gained such a testimony of prayer. In the Bible Dictionary it says: The object of prayer is not to change the will of God but to secure for ourselves and for others blessings that God is already willing to grant but that are made conditional on our asking for them. Blessings require some work or effort on our part before we can obtain them. Prayer is a form of work and is an appointed means for obtaining the highest of all blessings.

He's there for us. We just have to ask Him guys! I've learned that this week as I've struggled with teaching and with the language. God wants to bless us, but sometimes we just need to get down and ask. Even just asking for Him to send the Spirit to be with us in a lesson makes the HUGEST difference. I know I've already lost the ability to speak/write in English... But my challenge for EVERYONE this week, I don't care what your religious background is, whether you belive in God or not, whatever the depth of your conversion to the gospel of Christ, I want you to kneel down and just ask if Heavenly Father is there for you. Then tell Him EVERYTHING, all about your struggles, your worries, and your joys. It's simple, I know, so DO IT. It will bless your life and bring you closer to your Dad.


Hermana Hall

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